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Okay I expected many people to rush at me so I'm making one public journal solely for my f-list to place their orders here. Because, you know, it's very very hard to keep track of what you guys want from me...and I definitely won't be able to remember them all.

There are rules of placing orders though. I'm not trying to make you suffer, but I also need something in return if you're doing long term requests from me - It's not about earning from you. But call this an equivalent trade, fair right? And besides, with rules, I can probably do things better.

Don't worry, I won't kill your planned expenses for it. Nor I'm going to make you suffer if you follow the rules well. So here goes.

- There is no limit on how many things you're trying to order from me, but please, I suggest you guys to not go berserk and place 10 items all at once from me.

- First and second time request will be free and I don't charge commissions for the first and second time requests (friends only apply), but for constant requests starting the third onwards, I'll charge 10% for it. Let's say the item you're requesting me to buy is 3,000yen, you'll have to pay extra 10% for it. Any strangers who are making orders with me will be charged 50% extra instead of 30%, because I wanna avoid doing request for people that I do not know at all, it doesn't matter it's YOUR friend or YOUR relatives or whatever, if you wanna request me stuff for your friends that I do not know at all, 50% is automatically charged without questions asked. Well, don't like it? Then I suggest E-bay/Amazon/Play-Asia for your needs then.

- I do shipping, but you have to pay me the shipping fees (doh), and if you want to skip it, just wait for my return in Malaysia then. I don't charge commissions for shipping but if you're ordering expensive stuff, then I do suggest you to not go for shipping unless you are living outside Malaysia...Which you can personally deal with me to see how it goes.

- All dealings MUST BE DONE via Paypal. If you do not have one, please ask any friend of yours who has Paypal, or you can pay it to me personally - if I'm in Malaysia that is. But of course, when you're paying through paypal please let me know that you've paid so that I can keep track. Of course there are many ways, but Paypal is by far the best way to make dealings and payments.

- NEW! Since Malaysia has opened their services on Paypal. It is time to actually implement this rule in : Any requests you done will have to be done with payment in advance - simply put, PLEASE pay as soon as you made your order. I no longer will do any "I buy for you first you pay later" requests anymore because personally I don't think it's worth it anymore. My sincierest apology beforehand for any inconviniences caused.

If any, I'll only do advance payment for only a selective people that I actually trust (for those who are doing long term requests with me and is worth the faith and trust). This may sound very bias, but hey, You're making a request from me, I have my choice on whether I'll accept it or not. Don't like it? You can always ask others to do the job for you.

As long as you do not make your payment : you do not get your stuff, ever.

AMMENDED : If you're a paypal user, just make your payment to my paypal account at : shigetsuyuki@hotmail.co.jp. Once you made your payment PLEASE AT LEAST NOTIFY ME, THROUGH MSN, IRC, E-MAIL WHATEVER, AT LEAST LET ME KNOW THAT YOU MADE YOUR PAYMENT. Else if you don't, I'll take that amount you paid as a donation and I won't return you the money, I'll eat your money up, use it, waste it. Seriously.

When you make payments using Paypal, you definitely will have to pay extra due to the charges made by Paypal. Here's the formula of the payment you'll need to consider before making one, and please use this website to calculate the charges :


[The total price of your stuff you want] + [Paypal tax from the link posted above] + [400yen for transfering Paypal money to Japanese bank account] + [10% for 3rd time request if any] = TOTAL AMOUNT

- NEW!When you're requesting stuff. I highly advice that you make sure of your orders before anything : I have some people who are highly uncertain of what they want and all when they are trying to request things from me. I personally found this highly annoying for one thing - especially during Comiket where thanks to such uncertainity I am always late for my planned schedules, in the end having to suffer the consequences from it. I am fine with people having hard time in choosing what they want and all, but please do not drag other people to suffer with you as well. You can't be paying me say RM200 and say "I want this but uhh I'm not sure whether it's good or not", It really made me think that you're making orders with me just to add unnecessary workloads. You're making request with people, so please make their life easier for them.

The same goes for calculation. I no longer will calculate the price for you anymore. While you may ask me for the price of the product and I'll answer it for you. How much do you have to pay in the end is entirely up to YOUR calculation. To be directly frank : You're requesting stuff from people yet you're asking them to calculate and do every calculation for you? In other words, Please be considerate of one's feelings.

- If it's about requesting for light stuff like postcards, or omiyage (souvenirs), Commissions will not be counted, ever.

- I do reserve the right to reject your orders, and when I do, there's usually a reason, unless I prefer not to tell. However, chances of me rejecting your orders are most likely close to none. Of course, unless I have a good reason to reject it.

- Anything above 18 (questionable material) is restricted. But I didn't say anything about not allowed : By restricted, I mean no shipping until I get back to Malaysia. If you insist on being impatient then by all means go ahead, just take note that you'll be the one responsible if anything happens during the custom checks.

- Beforehand there is a sort of unofficial method of making a payment with me through banking payment (by banking the money to me into my Standard Charted account), but now since Japan is playing screwups with me about the Mastercard service being entirely halted for reasons that makes you boil, No more banking payments are allowed for request anymore - from now on everything is strictly Paypal. Please refer above on how to pay and what to do if you do not have a paypal account on hand

- NEW! For Comiket orders, you are heavily adviced to make your orders one month to 2 weeks BEFORE the event kicks in. Comiket is usually held twice per year : Summer Comiket (August) and Winter Comiket (December) - and with the same rule applied from above, If interested, you're more than welcome to make orders with me. However, Comiket will always dry my wallet like no tommorow, you're heavily adviced to pay beforehand into my paypal account before anything else. I'm definitely not paying for you in advance for Comiket stuff, ever.

However, the rules for charging strangers for buying any Comiket stuff will be raised from 50% to x5 of the original price instead. So be careful before you're trying to ask me to buy doujins for your friends that I have no idea of.

* - Subjected to change. ALL CHANGES WILL BE BOLD IF MADE.

[Definition of "strangers"]
Simple : As long as I have not met the person before; or anyone that I know by only name but not met the person face to face; or never communicated face to face before; I count them as strangers, name only does not cut it. I don't care if the said person is the Prime Minister or President or God, as long as I do not know the person well enough to be "friends" he will be charged exclusively higher than normal. End of story.

Of course if there is anything missing I'll definitely update it once in a while to ensure everything goes correctly.

You may place your orders now if you want to. Preferbably you can bookmark this particular entry if you want to keep track of what you've ordered.

Have fun!


2/1/2010 - Refined section.

Two Thousand Eight and an Announcement.

First of all, Happy New Year 2008!

As of today, I decided to keep this strictly friends only, some old entries will be deleted, but of course most will be kept.

Again, this journal is FRIENDS ONLY. I'll also be removing people who are on my f-list who have not bothered to comment on any single entry or do not give a damn about my entry (in other words my life) - By the end of March. so if i defriend you, The reason is clear cut. that, and i'm also not interested in what you have to write in your journal as well; or you tested my patience meter to the borderline and I decided to remove you out of the nuisance (so far, in my f-list, no one did that yet)

However to people who are interested in knowing me, you may comment in this entry and get yourself added. I will not add if:
- You do not tell me who you are, or if I don't know you at all.
- Flame and troll posts (I'll kill your post for sure)
- You do not give me any indications that you want to be added (Will also kill your post)

That's about it. Again, as usual, You friend me, I friend you. This journal is originally locked to prevent harassments to begin with. Therefore if you want me to add you, don't be hesistate to leave a comment - and you'll be added (unless there are exceptions). and people who just want to stay on my f-list and think you might be deleted if all those conditions are met, you may comment as well - I'll readd you back. I never wanted to have my journal shared to people who doesn't want to give a damn about my life (and that defeats the purpose of having friends and writing entries : if nobody cares, what am I writing for? This is not a diary!)

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I don't really like journals with empty friends, if you get what I mean.

Lastly, if you want to be removed from my f-list, please say so. I'll gladly remove you out of it.

Random Facts

I have no real reason to do so, but it would be certainly nice to put a self reminder on what was new in Comic Fiesta 2007, compared to last year - Though it includes both positive and negative facts? Yes, I'm bored, quite.

Feel free to contribute as many facts as you like. And yes, this entry is public for your viewing pleasure.

1) For the first time in CF we actually called GACC crew members and MMU Cyber members to help for this year's CF.

2) If my memory serves, There was only ONE KID in day 1 who fulfilled the 'not exceeding the 90 CM height' requirement , therefore the first to get into the hall for free. I can't remember day 2, but I think there were plenty. Some parents weren't exactly happy though.

3) Ren's Japanese teacher (2 of them) actually came to Comic Fiesta, and they were happy about the event. Because to have middle aged Japanese people who knows only a decent amount of comic conventions, coming for CF is RARE.

4) There were both stalking cases IN and OUT of the hall. Because to me, stalking cases didn't occur as much for previous events, but to have stalking cases and tasteless pranks happening in the event is just plain stupid and idiotic. So please stop it. You know who you are.

5) There were 2 versions of Hare Hare Yukai dance for CF. The official one (which was stated in the booklet) and the secret one (End of day 1, male version) - Both were great dances, the encore version for the secret one was just plain crack thanks to Alfred lol.

6) There was a booth who sells doujin music, named "Superscenic". The first ever in CF where people actually sells doujin music. Though to be honest, the art is not top notch, decent at best, but the book itself is very very nice and the OST rocks!

7) There was also three foreigners who came for the event (I assume British or American...but one of them is from Pakistan) as well.

8) The queue for CF Day 1, approximately around 500 ~ 700 people were cleared in the timespan of 45 minutes only. Tokiya hit the first record streak of selling his first 100 tickets.

9) The total attendee for Comic Fiesta hit about more than 3000 people including the Committees and the Helpers. Further details cannot be made public but one thing that you may know is that, compared to last year, the attendance rate actually went higher. A great improvement.

10) For people who complained about the space for CF, your point might be valid but I need to clarify some things as well. CF is growing bigger and bigger by year, the hall that we prepared for this year was actually sufficient enough to contain more than 3000 customers. Imagine if one day Comic Fiesta would be growing to the size of Comiket - No matter what kinda hall we choose, you'll still complain about the space being too small due to the massive visitors who came for the event. Case in point, PC Fair - for you guys who went to PC Fair, did you guys suffered from the mass visitors who flooded the hall all time round? Same concept. Except CF is not getting to that level anytime soon, but give it about 10 years or so, if CF survived long enough to reach that level, you'll experience the so called "Comiket of Malaysia", and you guys better prepare for it. Because it's an event, a convention. It's normal to feel cramped. Not just that, there are cosplayers as well. Imagine if we have more people attempting the same cosplay as Konpachi or Pacman - It's definitely taking a lot more space than a normal human who stands in the hall.

To make it short - It's a normal situation to feel cramp, hot and uncomfortable during CF, but it's a good thing because you won't want to see CF without people right?

11) There were 2 Lucky Star Cosplayers, 3 Digicharat cosplayers, abundance of Bleach cosplayers, lesser Naruto cosplayers, 3 Trinity Blood cosplayers, 2 DOGS cosplayers, 2 Loveless cosplayers, 2 Fruits Basket cosplayers, A group of Petshop of Horrors cosplayers, 2 FFXII cosplayers, 2 FFXIII Agito cosplayers, 3 people who wore yukata for CF day 2, 5 Organization XIII and 2 KH2 cosplayers, A lot of Katekiyo Hitman Reborn cosplayers, 1 Tales of the Abyss cos(cross)player, One Maria-sama ga Miteru cosplayer, 5 Sailormoon cosplayers, 2 Zelda cosplayers, about 5? 6? Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu cosplayers, 2 Code Geass cosplayers, 2 Harutoki cosplayers, A group of XXXholic cosplayers, one Hellboy cosplayer, One Chobits cosplayer, about 5 Vampire Knight cosplayers, One Pia Carrot cosplayer, about 5 D.Gray-man cosplayers, 5 King of Fighters cosplayers, 1 Pop n' Music cosplayer, 1 Touhou series cosplayer, and a lot more that I probably missed out - feel free to fill it in. (Wow, my memory is amazing *gets smacked*)

12) Att and Hooli made a surprise apperance at Comic Fiesta 2007 (for those who care lol)

13) Final Emcee debut for Alfred and Shaun. Sad to see them go but...oh well. Yes, that means they won't be our emcee anymore for next year.

14) The same problem for the sound and announcement problems occured again in CF2007 (Last one happened during 2005 at Sri Sedaya). but unlike Sri Sedaya, the hall for Times Square cannot be fixed thanks to the fact that the hall's height is massively tall, and there is no sound block around it. Imagine if you're in the hall ALONE and you try to shout - You'll realize that the echo that surrounds the hall is very strong. So in other words, there isn't anything that the DJ booth can do about it. (Unless we pay more to the Times Square people to help setup sound blocks or something, which I guarantee it won't be cheap)

15) AS for why there was a slight schedule delay during Day 1, it's because there was a power outage happened in between 12:45pm+ until 1:30pm+, Jason, one of the helpers for ticketing nearly experienced electric shock and thanks to that, the ticketing department had to shut down one counter, making it 3 counters operating from 2 pm till 6:15 pm. It wasn't in our control, if anything blame the Times Square management (which I suggest you don't because it's not like they asked for it either). As for the announcement miscomunication...I don't even know how or why did it happen as well *rolls eyes*

16) There was a one way only crowd flow order during the cosplay chess event.

That should be it for now, you can add more if you want to, Contributions are nice!
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Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is your friend-list's mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character "letter" from a character on that list. Then they post their own list in their journal and the process continues! (Feel free to post anonymously too.)

This post shall be public, for the fun or it.
Don't be shy, comeon!

1. Namine (Kingdom Hearts series) Done
2. Kairi (Kingdom Hearts series) Done
3. Fujioka Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club) <--- This will be a challenge. Done, Congratulations!
4. Shia (Pita Ten) Done
5. Sohma Kisa (Fruits Basket) <--- Another challenge Done, Congratulations!!
6. Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess)
7. Nerine (Shuffle!)
8. Saber (Fate Stay Night) Done
9. Unohana Retsu (Bleach)Done
10. Haruhi Suzumiya (Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi) Done
11. Mikuru Asahina (Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi) Done
12. Karen (Sister Princess)
13. Aria (Sister Princess) Done
14. Dizzy (Guilty Gear series)
15. Sakura Kinomoto (Tsubasa Chronicles version)
16. Minagi Tohno (AIR) Done
17. Olette (Kingdom Hearts II) Done
18. Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters series and spinoffs)
19. Rika Harada (Honey and Clover) Done, and the previous post deleted, so no worries
20. Aerith Gainsbough (Final Fantasy VII series)

Well, Good luck everybody!
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